7 Ways (+1 App) to Help You Cool Down Your Flat (and Save Energy) During Summer Heat

Summer’s here! We need to cool our homes. But what’s the most energy efficient mode to do so? We share our tips in our article.


Without an A/C or fan

1. Blind your windows: consider blinds on your windows, which significantly reduces the heat entering your apartment. They work most efficiently when they are white/reflective and outside, as they reflect the sun’s rays before the heat enters our home. Consider heat-reflecting window film, which has the great advantage on other shading solutions because tehy keep the heat out in the summer, and will not let cold in the winter. But a cardboard wrapped in alu foil can be of great use, too (if you don’t mind the looks)

2. Electrical equipment: Most household appliances – especially the TV set-top-box – produce a significant amount of heat even in sleep mode. If you turn them off for the night, the temperature will not rise even further.

3. Cooking: Our ancestors have not accidentally came up with the summer kitchen, cooking in the heat matches a tough workout because you can lose a huge amount of liquid when preparing a lunch. And not only your temperature but also that of the apartment increases significantly. Therefore, you should grill on the terrace, cook at dawn or simply prepare salads in the summer.

4. Drying the clothes: it may seem strange at first, but if you have the option to air-dry your clothes in the summer by hanging them indoors. As the clothes are drying, this ‘sucks’ the heat from your surroundings, so it will feel a bit more pleasant. Also steaming can be beneficial, but don’t overdo it, because you will feel warmer.

5. Air circulation is the most important thing: open the windows when the sun does not shine, i.e. at dawn or during the night. In this case, you can circulate the air without the elevation of the temperature. Creating some flow of air is also important because you will feel less hot with a bit of draught.

Cooling with the help of electrical equipment

6. Fan: This equipment will not cool the air, it only circulates the air, i.e. it creates air flow, as we all know. As such, it primarily reduces the feeling of heat. You can try the much-loved method by which you let the fan blow over a bucket of ice so it will move the cold air. The fan consumption is approx. 50W – equivalent to a traditional light bulb.

7. Air Conditioner: There are countless types of A/Cs. (See our article on the efficiency of heating and cooling) The new ones are energy-efficient, still they consume more than 10-20 times more electricity than a fan. It matters though how we use the A/C. What we usually forget is maintenance. Before the cooling season, it is advisable to check the machine with a specialist who can clean the equipment or replace the filter. A clean equipment cools the apartment faster, so it will consume significantly less electricity. If the A/C is well maintained it will also emit less particulate matter and bacteria onto your air.

Before switching on the air conditioner, ventilate then close the windows and use the blinds to keep the cool temperature for longer. Also, do not try to push 35 degrees to 20, because not only our body will be shocked because of the big temperature difference, but also our electricity bill! We recommend a temperature difference of 5 maximum degrees Celsius.

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Enjoy the summer!