How to Reduce Your Heating Costs

The article is about eight tips&tricks for reducing your heating costs.
1. Do the annual maintenance of your heating system and never cover the heating radiator with clothes or curtains.

2. Pick the right temperature! By reducing the temperature by 1 degree Celsius you might save 6% of your heating costs.

3. Use the energy of the sun. During sunny weather open the shades and curtains so that the energy can help heating your home. If it’s dark close the shades and curtains to improve the insulation.

4. Get fresh air into the house by quick airing creating a draft by opening the windows wide. Do not leave the windows slightly open as the flat will lose a lot of energy.

5. Temperature settings in a business or home can often be contentious. Installing programmable thermostats removes much of the burden of tailoring temperature settings to meet the desires of a diverse workforce and customer base by focusing on sustainability and reduced costs. Also you’ll not waste energy by heating the empty building.

6. Change of heating equipment. If the boiler of your house is older than 10 years old, most probably you can purchase a lot more energy efficient type. The efficiency of modern, condensing boilers efficiency can reach (or even surpass) 100%.

7. Properly seal and insulate heating ducts and pipes, especially in areas not heated

8. Building insulation. If the building is not properly insulated the biggest efficiency gain can come from insulation.