EEOS – Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme

The Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS – in Hungarian EKR) poses a great challenge for energy suppliers and end-users. Wattler offers services to make the planned savings a reality and helps you in relation with

>> Read our article on the basics of the EEOS. (Only in Hungarian)
>> Read our article on monetizing energy savings. (Only in Hungarian)

Our main services related to the EEOS/EKR are as follows:

    • Providing general information on the EEOS system
    • Giving an overview of the potential of projects planned in your own or other clientele
    • Making a preliminary estimate of the amount of energy that can be saved
      • Performing calculations based on the EEOS-catalog (which catalog is planned to published by Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority) or
      • Performing individual calculations for projects that are not included in the catalog
    • Providing preliminary additional contribution to the implementation of the project
      • Professional/financial support
    • Advising on formal requirements or content of the potential projects
    • Showing other funding options for the energy saving project
    • Performing a final calculation based on the catalog or making an energy audit
    • Validating the achieved savings
    • Selling your achieved savings
    • Carrying out an energy audit required for Corporate Income Tax Credits, managing the two topics (EEOS and income tax relief) together.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact our company in connection with the planned EEOS projects by filling in the form or feel free to write to, on the chat or call us at 06-70-8508993!