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We’re monitoring and analysing a considerable amount of energy consumption throughout Hungary. We are present in various industries: power plants, agriculture, manufacturing, hotels & restaurants and sport facilities. This allows as to have a wide perspective on any kind of energy efficiency issue, both from a engineering as well as energy market aspect.0

Less Energy


Energy Consumption Consultancy Certificate for Tax Deduction Energy Audit Energy Metering Systems
Ensure compliance with Hungarian energy efficiency regulation with our service & enhance efficiency at your company.   Planning energy efficiency investment at your business? You can claim up to 50% of it back from your corporate income tax. Aks us how! Energy efficiency improvement and investment recommendations after thorough site and process analysis. Online and offline electricity metering systems.
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Cheaper Energy


Energy Procurement Tendering Load and Capacity Management
  Procurement advise and tendering for natural gas and electricity. Hedging advise. Ensure better energy prices for your business.   Optimisation of your energy capacities throughout the year. Can lead to significant cost cuts.
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