New Regulation of the Hungarian Seasonal Summer Capacity Regime for Natural Gas as of 1 October 2019. Changes Are Coming!

The Hungarian gas system has had a specific summer capacity booking regime – which allowed some specific customers who mainly consumed natural gas during the summer period to take advantage of significantly lower system usage fees (5% of the yearly fee for the whole summer, and in some circumstances for Q4). Now, however, the rules are getting tighter, and although the seasonal capacity regime stays in respect of DSO systems – not any more for the TSO though – it will get considerable more expensive as of Gas Year 19/20. This means it will not pay off for most. If you’re interested in the specifics, please switch to Hungarian or get in touch with us. 


Ultra-risks vs. Ultra-costs. Avoid Both with Wattler!

The article lists all the so-called ultra-risks, which are reportedly prevalent on the Hungarian gas market. Unfortunately there’s some truth to that – however, good news is that with Wattler you don’t run any contracting or pricing related risks, as our contract is short & simple, without any kind of fineprint or hidden traps. Also, as an extra, if you contract directly with us, you’ll avoid paying unnecessary extra procurement service fee or similar. For details, please see the article in Hungarian: 

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The Unstoppable (?) Rise of Gas Prices

Article about the recent moves on the gas market. Points made:
  1. Gas prices have skyrocketed to a 5 (or more)-year maximum. In Europe, but there’s a rise everywhere else, too.
  2. This is the result of many factors: rising demand in Asia, overall price increase of the energy complex, relatively low storage levels in Europe.
  3. The outlook is ambiguous as always. A lot of premium has been built up in these price levels, however all depends on the upcoming winter as well as on the volatile commodity market.

The full article is only available in Hungarian yet. Please switch languages to read: 

Változások a földgáz elosztói díjakban 2018. október 1-től – Drágul, vagy olcsóbb lehet cége számára a gáz?

2018. október 1-től új gázév, új rendszerhasználati díjak! Míg a 2017/18-as gázévben lényeges átalakításokat eszközölt az Energetikai Hivatal a díjak szerkezetében (a témában közölt cikkünket itt találja), a következő 2018/19-es gázévre a díjszerkezet nem változik, a tarifa nagysága néhány esetben igen. A rendelet módosítása nemrég jelent meg, cikkünkben összegyűjtöttük a lényeges változtatásokat, melyeket érdemes áttekinteni – főként a szerződéskötés előtt álló felhasználóknak.

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