Small steps towards a more energy efficient future – Halogen vs. LED lamps

As of 1 September 2018 D”-class halogen lamps are phased-out from the European Union’s markets. Bulbs in the merchandiser’s stock can be sold but procurement of new lamps are not possible after this date. Therefore, inhabitants of the EU must switch to LED lightning. (There are some exceptions, as always. Eg. desk lamps and spotlights are out of the ban but traditional pear shaped halogen lamps will disappeared from the households.)

It might seem to be a small change. However, on yearly level EU can save about 48 TWhs. It is the approximate amount of whole Hungary’s yearly electricity consumption – which was 45.06 TWhs in 2017! We will save 15.2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2025 with this step. 1)

Phase-out of halogen lamps is one of the best examples to demonstrate that small personal decisions (even if it is ordered by regulation in this case) if summarized, might result in a more energy efficient future and have great effect for our planet.

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