Certificate for Corporate Income Tax Return on Energy Efficiency Investments in Hungary

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Basic info
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Our auditors provide the required professional confirmation on energy efficiency enhancing investments. The confirmation can be used to apply for tax corporate income tax returns in Hungary to the extent of 30-65% of investment expenditure.

Before investment
  1. Contact us on our contact details. Please provide the most important information about the energy efficiency investment for which you would like to apply energy efficiency related tax relief (in Hungarian TAO). Which buildings, equipment and processes are affected by the investment? What are the causes of efficiency improvement? What is the approx. value of the investment? How much energy savings are expected from it? What is the starting date of the investment?
  2. Based on provided data we will investigate whether there is a fundamental exclusion reason for claiming a tax refund. If not, we might ask for additional information.
  3. We sign a service contract if you accept our offer for the audit service.
  4. The next step is to collect detailed data in relation with the investment, plans and other available information.
  5. Finally, we carry out calculations covering the affected (current and planed) systems and, if necessary we conduct on-site audit measurements.
After installation of the investment
  1. Data collection
  2. On-site audit, new measurements, and calculations
  3. If the energy efficiency is improved, we give the certificate about it. [1]It might be useful to have a separate opinion from your tax adviser.
  4. Submission of the mandatory audit report to the Hungarian Energy Office (MEKH)

If you have any questions about your investment or if would like to request a quote, plese contact us on phone ( +36708508993) or via e-mail info@wattler.eu!