Process of Entering Into Gas Supply Contract With Wattler

The process is really straightforward and easy. It entails three main steps.

1st step: Request of offer, instant offer, securing 2-day price guarantee: easy process on our website, max. 10 minutes

2nd step: Review and signature of supply contract: for this process the 2-day price guarantee time window is allowed, during which our colleagues will conduct the customer verification process.

3rd step: Wattler’s task: Supplier switching: you grant us a proxy authorization to carry out the full supplier switching process on behalf of you. This process starts on 1 September and lasts for 30 days.1)please be aware of the different termination clauses of each other supplier, which can mean that you need to terminate your existing supply contract even before entering into a contract relationship with us. This is a peculiarity of the Hungarian gas market

As of 1 October, Wattler will become your new gas supplier.

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