Technologies for Energy Efficiency - Introduction

Interested in the newest energy saving technologies? Here is a section about all the tech information you need to improve your energy efficiency.

Did you know that energy consumption is lower today than in 2007 only thanks to the energy efficiency improvements? But still 70% of the world’s energy use is not energy consumption is not covered by compulsory energy efficiency improvements, however there is a staggering 2/3 saving potential? (according to the great infographic of the International Energy Agency)

What about your home and company? Do you overpay your energy bill because of old systems and outdated appliances? Sure you do, just as everyone of us does. But here’s the thing. If you run a small business or we are talking about your home, you do not need to hire an energy engineer to see what new technologies are out there and how much would it save you in return of a certain investment. This is what the Energy Efficiency section of Wattler blog is about.

Topics to be covered

  • Lightning
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating technologies and insulation
  • Energy management and automation
  • Always On devices

We will delve into the above areas to a differing extent, but each of them will be useful. If you have any request/recommendation, drop us a line or leave a comment.

(source of photo – IEA)